Careers at ExHora

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Why Work at ExHora?

Truth be told, the south of Tenerife lacks any professional web agency business' that isn't stuck using technology from the 2000's.
While we are a small team, we are all passionate developers, coders, designers and everyone's goal is to keep doing what we love doing, making our clients happy and bringing web3.0 to the islands.



You'll be part of the team, feel free sharing your thoughts and ideas on how to tackle problems.



Doing what you love doing means work doesn't really feel like work. Working on projects you enjoy makes a huge difference.


A Bit Unique

You won't find something quite like it on the island. Living in paradise, working in your field of knowledge.


Plan to Expand

You'll grow alongside talented people, hopefully into something you can be proud of and be inspired by.

  • Copywriter / Content Creator
  • UI/UX/Designer Unicorn!
  • Web Designer
  • Worth a shot?
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